Logo & Identity Designing Service

Design Process – How will I get a Perfect LOGO for my website?

Getting a Logo developed for your website is very easy like purchasing any other product from us. Below are the steps which involved in the complete process:

Choose the Package

Choose the package that best suits your requirements to proceed with us. Read More on packages here.

Tell us Your Requirements

We have developed a questionnaire specifically for logo designing requirements. Fill up the form to answer the questions.

Review the Concepts & Provide Feedback

As per your requirements in the questionnaire and detailed discussion with our design team, we will design the concept for your logo and will send it to you for providing your feedback.
Depending on your feedback received, we will proceed further.

Finalize the Concept & Download Your Logo

The last and final step will be finalizing the concept from all the developed concepts as per your package. We will there for you to upload your logo and make it work on your website.

Design Packages

Choose a best suitable Logo & Identity Design package for you.

    1 Logo Design Concept
    1 Round of Revision
    Final Format & Color Options
    1 Favicon
    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    2 Logo Design Concepts
    Option for GIF Logo
    2 Rounds of Revisions
    Final Format & Color Options
    1 Favicon
    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    5 Logo Design Concepts
    Option for GIF Logo
    5 Rounds of Revisions
    1 Business Card & Stationary Design
    Final Format & Color Options
    1 Favicon
    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    7 Logo Design Concepts
    Option for GIF Logo
    10 Rounds of Revisions
    1 Business Card & Stationary Design
    Final Format & Color Options
    1 Favicon
    Upto 5 Pages Standard Website Design
    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


  1. The Logo will be 2D logo.
  2. We also create GIF logos. So, choose the plan accordingly if you want a GIF logo.
  3. We do not use free logos from any other site, so you should not worry about any copyright infringement. The logo we create will be unique to your brand and company.
  4. We will send you the logo within three business days and all revisions as per package chosen will be completed within two weeks.

To be sure:

  1. We will send you the samples of concepts within three business days. All revisions will be completed within two weeks.
  2. The gif logo will be created from the final logo design.
  3. Formats (if you need any other format like AI or PSD, then please contact us):
    i. PNG
    ii. JPEG
    iii. JPG
  4. Business Card & Stationery will be created matching your final logo design.


What are Concepts?

In a layman language Concepts can be referred to as Samples. These will be developed in the first step of our design process. After taking your requirements we will come up with the concepts / samples which will be our initial direction for your logo.

How do the Revisions work?

We will be giving you multiple logo design concepts, and keeping in mind that design processes are highly iterative, we will need a back and forth of the designs to reach to a final logo based on your feedback.

Usually, there can be a tweak in colors, fonts or layout, but sometimes there can be a feedback to mix 2 or more concept designs. So, whatever the feedback (Revision here), whether big or small, we will review the design to make it as per your expectation and requirement.

Who owns the copyright for my final logo design?

Since, you are making a payment, you will be owning the copyright of your logo design. If you need any legal proceedings to register it or something, you are free to get it done at your end.

Will I get a dedicated project manager?

Yes, you will get a dedicated project manager to discuss your requirements until the delivery of your work.

What will I get in "Upto 5 Pages Standard Website Design"?

Each and every business has a different need and requirements. Sometimes having only a social networking community, online store or job portal or just a blogging website is not enough. A business needs a responsive website which can load really fast and inform your clients about what you have done or what you are trying to achieve. So, we will be creating a business website or a standard website as per your requirements for upto 5 pages to help you inform your customers and users about your business, company and / or brand.

The website will be fully responsive.

What is the use of a Business card and logo on it?

A business card plays an important role to coordinate with your customers, potential partners and associated. During seminars, meetings or any day to day you can provide your business card to make people learn more about you and your business. A card with the logo is much impactful, than a card without a logo.

With your business card, you no longer have to make people memorize the url of your website or email id or your phone number.

What is the use of Logo on Stationery? What all will I get designed in stationery?

Stationery includes letterheads, envelops, diaries and many other things, but we will be providing you designs for these three stationeries. If you need any other thing, then please let us know. Stationery can be very impactful and can promote your business outside when you do any public dealing. Using plain stationery is not a good idea and will leave no impact on any one about your company or website.